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Our main focus since our inception is we have been committed to help the African people clean up their regional and local environments and help limit the increasing waste and dangerous health hazards that grow and expand every day, while also assisting in the  economic growth and future development of Africa and its people, to live in a healthy and cleaner environment by the ongoing collection and recycling of the huge waste material that increases and contaminates all of Africa and its city's every hour of the day.

It is estimated that the global recycling industry employs more than 1.5 million people worldwide, and annually processes over 500 million Metric tons of waste products and commodities, which combined globally has a turnover exceeding US$160 billion Dollars per year.

African Recycling Inc primary goals are to promote materials recycling and recyclability in Africa, thereby conserving natural resources, protecting the African and global environment - and facilitating the trade of recyclables in an environmentally sound manner, for the benefit of all concerned.

African Recycling Inc deal with materials that are diverted from the "waste" stream for the purpose of materials reuse or recycling.

African Recycling Inc aims to works with Government, Commercial, Retail and the Private sectors to help control and eliminate the problems and waste that is created in Africa and its ever growing cities and country-side every day, and with our staff and partners help we aim to overcome this already huge and growing problem together.

It's a fact that in today's globally environmentally aware society, that everybody should be recycling or at least be made consciously aware even from a young age of the huge short and long term benefits to the society in general of recycling where and when ever possible.

Our Mission is to support this African cause by providing efficient means to dispose of  all waste material and thereby curbing the issues of garbage and national waste disposal and to further provide additional and long term employment opportunities to rural  and town citizens in and around the expanding African continent.

Our Vision and goal is to have the  waste collection processes and capability in place to make most of Africa 100% "waste-aware" and be actively recycling as much and as soon as possible.

All together with our staff and growing number of collection centers  in the regions, we aim to make a difference to the African environment as we help prevent and eliminate most non-degradable plastics and other materials from ever entering landfills sites or prevent them from just from being burnt on the ground or in the bush and thereby polluting the atmosphere and also contaminating underground drinking water supplies which is of such vital importance to all citizens in Africa.

We hope and encourage you to all join us.

Together Africa can make a difference..

African Recycling Inc is a member of; Accrue Group Inc 

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